Hello from your VP Welfare

Hello, I am Ahmed Mahbub, your VP Welfare. Since 22nd May, Islamophobic attacks have increased by more than 500%, following the Manchester Arena attack and there has been a fivefold increase in Islamophobic attacks following the London Bridge atrocity on the 3rd June. These events have lead to many Muslims in Britain being terrorised for the actions of just a few, who do not properly understand or represent Islam. It is disgraceful that fringe minorities who advocate hate are highlighted and amplified in the media whilst the majority who seek peace are neglected and negated. This has led to a fractured community which has led to Muslims feeling like they cannot leave their homes in fear of attacks or prejudice.

QMSU takes a zero tolerant approach to Islamophobia and any other hate crime, and we work tirelessly to foster a safe and appealing environment for all our students. Therefore, I have put together our Islamophobia Awareness Month to highlight the inclusivity of our Students' Union and our University as a whole, and to highlight the benefits of good community cohesion and the deadly effects that Islamophobia can have on our student body.

I encourage you all to show solidarity against Islamophobia by using the hashtag #IAMQM, and spread our joint message that “Queen Mary does not tolerate Islamophobia”.

I hope to see you at our events and please do not hesitate if you would like to contact me:

Email: su-vpwelfare@qmul.ac.uk
Twitter: @WelfareQMSU


Halal Food Festival

Arabsoc x Bsoc x Somsoc
Library square
16th November, 11am - 3pm

QM Against Prevent presents: What is Prevent?

Panel Discussion on the strategy
20th November, Bancroft 3.40, 6:30pm - 8pm

MEND Exhibit

Students' Union Hub & Hive
20th - 24th November

Causes and Cures of Islamophobia

Speakers: Mohammad Shoaib and Aman Ali
David Sizer LT, Francis Bancroft
24th November, 6pm - 8pm

Preventing Prevent

Speakers: Malia Bouttia
27th November, GO Jones LT, 5pm - 9pm

QMSU and Inspirited Minds Presents: Untold Stories: Breaking the Silence

Speakers: Hassaanah Amejee, Amina Muridi, Sultan Hatab, Ahmed Entabi and Farhanah Maleque
4th December, Bancroft 1.15, 5pm - 8pm

Rise4Rohingya presents: Global Islamophobia

A screening of the world’s most persecuted minority
7th December, Bancroft 2.40 6pm - 9pm

Report It

If you would like to report a hate crime please report it or call them on 0800 138 1625.


Did you know?

Muslims represent one of the most ethnically diverse religious groups in the United Kingdom.

Nearly half of 466 students that took part in a FOSIS survey expressed a direct experience of Islamophobia Where around one quarter said the incident occurred on campus.

A Greater London Authority report resulted in almost half of students experiencing Islamophobia from their teachers and lecturers. 84% of students did not report incidences to their educational institution.

When young Muslims are discussed in the media, research shows that as a collective group the most salient pattern is in the context of radicalization.

78% of British Muslims have qualifications compared to 71% of the general public.

50% of Muslims go to university compared to 38% of the general population.

Research shows that disturbingly, the word “Islamic” appears next to the word “extremism” in 1 in 6 times, effectively scapegoating all Muslims

A myth often circulated by hate speakers are that “Muslims threaten British Culture” but research shows that Muslims are more receptive to life in mixed communities than other groups. With 67% of Muslims happy to live in a highly diverse neighbourhood compared to 56% of the general public.