Islamophobia Awareness Month

This year, our Muslim student society leaders have been working together to organise our Islamophobia Awareness Month campaign. This campaign works on two levels, the first one of course being to raise awareness of Islamophobia, the issues that it causes, and the impact this has on Muslims in the UK and at our university. The second is to celebrate Islam and the variety of contributions of Muslims to our society while supporting our Muslim students. The Students’ Union does not tolerate Islamophobia or any other form of hate crime; we aim to work towards creating a safe and welcoming environment for all our students. Islamophobia is a prejudice constructed as a result of ignorance, fear and hate, towards a section of a community. Deeper than prejudice, it is this notion of justification of the injustices against Muslims; systematic injustice that invades an individual’s personal and professional life. Unfortunately, this awareness month is still extremely relevant and important to recognise. Post-Brexit, there has been a 57% increase in hate crimes and Muslims tend to be on the receiving end of these attacks. If we divert our attention to the media, there are perspectives taken on issues relating to the Muslim population which reinforce negative stereotypes. There has also been a drastic rise of the far right, Prevent strategies are still biased against the Muslim community and Muslims still having to justify their faith at every corner of their lives. Islamophobia Awareness is a necessity.

The other side of this campaign is to focus on the positive by celebrating Muslim achievements and highlighting important Muslim figures in history and society today. Our Muslim community is extremely diverse, coming from a wide range of backgrounds so why not attend some of our events to learn more about these experiences? We will also be hosting another instalment of Diverse(ish), our anti-racist forum which provides a space for students at QM to share their own experiences so that we can keep working to make sure that we and the University are doing everything we can to take islamophobia out of the student experience.

We don’t want any of our students to feel as though their faith puts them at a disadvantage within the university or is the reason why they are vulnerable to hate. Therefore, we encourage you all to educate yourself and others, for the sake of a safer and more accepting community. We hope to see you all at our events and please do not hesitate to contact the Students’ Union with any queries!

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Facts & Figures

Did you know:

  • Muslims represent one of the most ethnically diverse religious groups in the United Kingdom.
  • Nearly half of 466 students that took part in a FOSIS survey expressed a direct experience of Islamophobia Where around one quarter said the incident occurred on campus.
  • A Greater London Authority report resulted in almost half of students experiencing Islamophobia from their teachers and lecturers. 84% of students did not report incidences to their educational institution.
  • When young Muslims are discussed in the media, research shows that as a collective group the most salient pattern is in the context of radicalization.
  • 78% of British Muslims have qualifications compared to 71% of the general public.
  • 50% of Muslims go to university compared to 38% of the general population.
  • Research shows that disturbingly, the word “Islamic” appears next to the word “extremism” in 1 in 6 times, effectively scapegoating all Muslims
  • A myth often circulated by hate speakers are that “Muslims threaten British Culture” but research shows that Muslims are more receptive to life in mixed communities than other groups. With 67% of Muslims happy to live in a highly diverse neighbourhood compared to 56% of the general public.
Influential figures
  • Nadiya Hussain MBE - 2015 Bake off winner, author, TV presenter
  • Riz Ahmed - actor and activist
  • Al Khawarizmi - Mathematician, theologian, geographer, 'Father of Algebra'
  • Ibn Seena (Avicenna) - Father of modern medicine
  • Fatima Al-Fihri - First person to open a university
  • Ilhan Omar - congresswomen
  • Fatima Manji - Journalist
  • Ruhollah Khomeini - scholar
  • Mohammed Ali - boxer
  • Malcom X
  • Mehdi hassan
  • Edoardo mahdi agnelli
  • Ibn Khladun
  • Rumi
  • Mesut Ozil - Footballer and Activist
  • Imam Mohammed Mahmoud
  • Dr Wajid
  • Lady Evelyn Cobbold
  • Lord Headley