Update: merger cup chislehurst fixtures have been cancelled today.


What is merger cup?

Merger Cup is the biggest sporting event of the year at Queen Mary Students' Union! This year the majority of the fixtures are taking place on Saturday 17th March 2018.

Barts and the London Students go head to head with Queen Mary students to battle it out to claim the bragging rights to the best student body within sport at Queen Mary Students' Union. Each sport will acquire points if they win or draw a game and the team with the highest total number of points scored will become Merger Cup Champions.

Please note that there will be strictly no glass allowed on site at any of the Merger Cup venues this year. Any glass brought on site will be confiscated and plastic cups will be handed out. Due to contracts with external venues, there will be no alcohol allowed on all sites apart from Chislehurst Sports Ground and Lee Valley Hockey Centre. Anyone found with alcohol, open or closed, at any of the other venues will have it confiscated immediately. 

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Zero Tolerance

Zero tolerance means that QMUL and QMSU will never tolerate, condone or ignore bullying, harassment or hate crime of any kind. All of us have a collective responsibility to encourage a culture of dignity and respect; to treat others fairly, with courtesy and consideration; and to challenge inappropriate behaviour. Harassment covers a wide range of behaviours. It can include inappropriate jokes, insults, name-calling or any behaviour that disturbs or upsets. Sexual harassment refers specifically to persistent and unwanted sexual advances. Discrimination is when people are treated differently based on their characteristics, for example:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Transgender Identity
  • Marriage & Civil partnership
  • Pregnancy, Maternity and Paternity
  • Race
  • Religion or belief (including no belief)
  • Gender (Gender Identity)
  • Sexual Orientation