Voting myths explained and busted!

We dispel some common myths and explain what the Elections actually mean for you.


...I don’t care about the Elections

Do you care about your University experience, your education, volunteering in the local community, a Club or a Society, the feedback you get on your course, what is sold in the Village Shop or Ground Cafe, how our diverse communities are represented on campus and the curriculum decolonised, how societies are run....

If the answers yes for any of these, then you care about the Students’ Union Elections. The students that are elected will represent you and be your voice on matters like these. They'll be deciding on student policies, setting the direction of the Students' Union and regularly meeting with the University management team to change the things that matter to students.

...I don’t even know what the Students’ Union does

A lot of what you see being run on campus is led by students and run by the Students' Union. The Students’ Union drives improvements on your course, supports hundreds of societies, raises thousands of pounds for charity and runs campaigns and projects to promote positive student wellbeing. If you have gone to any of our events, are a part of a sports club or society, are a Course Rep or buy a coffee from Ground Cafe, you are actively participating in the services that the Students’ Union provides!

The Executive Officers elected are legally responsible for a multi-million pound organisation. That’s a huge amount of responsibility for people who usually have had little job experience before this – and as a student you can have a say on who will be responsible for that.

.......there are too many positions to vote for! 

You don't need to vote for every position that's shown on the Elections candidates page. If you only want to vote for one position you can. All students can vote for the 6 full-time Executive Officer positions and we do recommend you do this.

You can then also vote for the one School Representative position that's relevant to your school and representatives in your faculty. If you self-identify into one of our liberation positions you can also vote for these, and if you're involved in other areas of the Students' Union you can also choose to vote for the activities roles. How many positions you vote for though is up to you! vote won’t make any difference

The difference between candidates can come down to a single vote, and it has happened many times before! In 2022 we even had a tie!

Your vote also means next year's elected representatives can claim to be the legitimate voice of the students they represent. The more students who vote, the more representative our elected reps are, and the more important this is when we lobby for change with the University or nationally.

Collectively, students are the biggest single force for effecting change across Higher Education, so give them the mandate they need to make change. It only takes 5 minutes!

...I don’t like any of the candidates

If you don’t agree with any of the candidates or any of their policies, you can vote RON (Re-Open Nominations). Not voting won’t make any difference at all, but voting RON is a great way to say that no-one represents you. RON is a vote for the Election process to re-start and the position you are voting for to be re-opened.

...I’m a final year student, so the outcome doesn’t really affect me

If you’re in your final year, you know what we’ve already done, may have used some of our services and know more than anyone what we need to do next. Use that knowledge to shape the future of the Students’ Union and the University. After you graduate you'll still want to ensure Queen Mary has a great reputation to help you with your future career opportunities too.

...The Students’ Union doesn’t represent me

The Students' Union is led by the students that are elected by students. The Elections are your chance to vote for someone who will represent you. You can ask candidates what they will do for you and discover whose ideas match your views. If no one represents you, you can also vote RON (Re-Open Nominations) on any position.

...I’m an International/Mature/Part-Time/Study Abroad/Postgraduate student and I can’t vote

ALL Queen Mary students have a vote they can use, it doesn’t matter what or how you are studying, everyone has a say in this Election.

...I don’t know who to vote for

Take a look at their manifestos here, attend Candidate Question Time or watch online or meet our candidates in Library Square throughout Elections week. 

We hope you enjoy the 2023 Elections! Who will get your vote?


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