Decorate your room without damaging the walls

Congrats! You’re off to uni! We bet this is your first time living away from home, right? Now is the chance for you to decorate your own lil’ space, most likely complete with a single bed, chest of drawers, desk and not much else. Don’t worry though, we have you covered with our handy guide to help you express yourself whilst keeping your landlord and bank on your side. 


Plants are great 

Plants are inexpensive and add life and vibrancy to your room. A floor plant is great for a snug corner or you can spruce up your desk with potted plants. You can even add colour and ornaments by picking fun pots too.  Fancy a challenge? Try not to kill the plants by the end of the year. FYI, having something to nurture is an added bonus as it will improve your stress and well-being too. Top tip - head to our Freshers’ event, Pick, Paint and Plant, to get some new plant pals for your room and decorate the pots too. 




Bedding and furnishings 

Let’s face it, a bed is the heart of any bedroom, the figurehead, the queen in chess and you can get checkmate by picking some stylish bedding to liven up your space. We don’t just mean a duvet cover and pillow cases. Don’t be silly! We mean multiple cushions, a throw, and some plushies too. You’ll be bewildered by how much it changes the feel and shape of your room. We’re not gonna lie, bedding can be expensive. But there are many high-street shops which now sell their own home range meaning you can definitely have a great choice within your student budget. Top Tip: Lighter coloured sheets will make your space feel big and airy. Feeling bold? Add a pattern with a statement colour for an iconic and memorable look. 




Light Up Your Life 

Nothing, and we mean NOTHING, makes a room cosier than fairy lights. We know you know this already, right? They are inexpensive and can be wrapped or hung by things, instantly making your room feel like the den of your childhood and giving you a cosy nostalgia trip. Feeling more sophisticated? Try a cool floor lamp or grab a coloured light bulb for your ceiling light – you can even get colour-changing ones controlled by an app to suit whatever mood you’re in. 




Washi Tape (Thank Us Later) 

"Oh man, but I really need to hang something!” We have two words. Washi. Tape. Yep, you heard. This tape originated in Japan, it comes in so many different designs that you might lose your mind, and can be used instead of nails or hooks. This decorative masking tape should peel off and although it can’t hold much weight, it will be strong enough for a picture or two. 





The wall is for leaning against, not putting holes in 

Desperate to show off your new Harry Styles poster or cool art print? Don’t worry, you can! Go for an arty, chic look and buy some cheap frames to display your prints in style. BUT! Instead of hanging them, lean them against the wall. This bohemian way to create a gallery will make your space feel like an artist studio and give you top insta-genic room. Everyone will love your aesthetic. Don’t own the prints yet? We’ve got you covered. We have a Poster & Art sale running on 22 and 23 September right on your doorstep. 




Paper lanterns and other stringy things. 

Do you know what we love about paper lanterns? They are cheap. And they look amazing. With so many different designs on offer, you can make your room elegant and unique without any of the hassles of hanging big ornaments. Remember our new best friend Washi Tape? Use it to hang the lanterns wherever your heart desires and your room will feel like a wonderland that any home decor influencer would be proud to have. 


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