Ways to stay fit and healthy when you get to university

Freshers’ flu is real people. And it can’t be helped that you’re going to want to stay out late, party hard and binge on middle of the night fast food whilst having the best time of your life. You’ve earnt it for getting here and it’s only natural, we totally get it. But your body might not! There are ways you can help set yourself up to stay healthy without losing out on any of the fun. 


Do some research 

The best thing you can do before arriving at university is to already be in the know in case you start to feel rubbish. Familiarise yourself with campus services that can help with health queries or problems and make sure to register with a GP when you arrive. There is nothing worse than feeling like you need a doctor but not knowing where to go and ending up at a walk-in centre for hours of your life which you’ll never get back. We have an onsite Student Health Service for anyone living in halls or Tower Hamlets and the university has a guide for all students which you can read here - https://www.studenthealth.qmul.ac.uk/accessing-healthcare/ 


Prepare yourself 

A little goes a long way and having a cute first aid kit all ready and prepared at home will be a lifesaver when you need it. Get yourself all the basics from painkillers and plasters, icepacks and eyedrops too. Things like plain rice and energy drinks are good to have in the house too. You can thank us later when you’re a little worse for wear after that night out but have everything you need right at your fingertips. No need to feel sorry for yourself as you crawl all the way to the shops, yay! 


Get enough sleep  

Obvs, easier said than done. But you really don’t have to go out every night. We promise. It’s better to feel well and enjoy the few nights you do go to, rather than feel awful at all of them. Our events programme includes a lot of day events too, so you can be involved without missing out on your beauty sleep. We like the sound of that. 


Exercise, please 

Cardio is good for the heart, particularly if you’ve had one too many kebabs recently. Who could blame you? When your heart is strong, your immune system is too. So, head to the gym (we have one on campus!), go for that quick little run around or find a home workout sesh that works for you. Fancy something more low key? Our Get Active sessions give you the chance to play sport in a fun, relaxed and social environment so you can keep healthy whilst having fun. How does that sound?




Stay hydrated 

This is an obvious one. But you have to drink water. Set yourself a daily goal. Have a glass with every meal. Alternate an alcoholic beverage with a glass of H2O on a night out. Your liver will be happy. Your skin will be happy. You as a human will be happy. 


Your brain is important too 

It isn’t all about your body. We often forget to check in with ourselves and our brains too. And let’s face it, this is going to be all new, a little scary and overwhelming too. It’s OK to feel stressed out and a bit unsure or uneasy about things. Being aware of your mental health status is a great thing. Make sure you’re open and talking to people around you. Give a family member or friend that call whenever you feel you need to, it isn’t a show of dependence, and they will love it. Check out the Student Support Services that we have too, they can help you. 


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