How to make friends and settle in

So, you're stepping into the wild world of university – major props to you! But we know that navigating this new environment can be low-key overwhelming especially when it comes to making new friends among all these unfamiliar faces. Guess what? We gotchu covered with some A+ tips to help you feel more settled and feel confident connecting with students from across the university, and FYI, many will also be in the same boat as you. 


1. Society SZN, Baby! 

There's no place like Queen Mary when it comes to societies – we're talking 300+ options, people! These include everything from sports clubs to Knit and Knatter and even a whole society dedicated to ducks. (Seriously, what more could you ask for?) Societies are a great way to meet people from all corners of the uni who you may not have met otherwise in your course. They allow you to build relationships with students who vibe on your level. Whether you're a full-time member or just here for the one-time fun, societies are your golden ticket. Queen Mary societies often hold meet-and-greets and trial events at the beginning of the year which allows you to see which societies appeal to you. Come on down to our Welcome Fairs on 20-22 September to meet them for yourselves! 


2. Freshers Fair Frenzy... Don’t Forget Events Too 

Speaking of Welcome Fairs... okay, so Freshers Fair is like Disneyland for students. An epic mashup of society booths, cool swag, and endless chances to mingle. During Welcome, Queen Mary holds many freshers events and this is your time to shine. You'll be rubbing shoulders with fellow freshers who are just as eager to make friends and this is your chance to feel more settled too. Oh, and keep an eye out for those exclusive uni deals too! 


3. Sweat It Out, Make Friends 

Qmotion gym is a great place to meet other students who are also keen to keep fit. Join classes or share a sweaty nod on the gym floor – you'll be building connections and muscles in no time. As a student, you have access to the student membership which gives you a killer discount plus, there are many options to choose from including monthly and yearly off peak and peak memberships so you can work out when is right for you. Don’t miss out on our exclusive Freshers discount too! 


4. Chat With Those Course Mates 

Duh, right? But sometimes the simplest stuff is the best. Spark convos in class – nab that seat next to someone interesting and drop a cool opener. Don't be afraid to randomly strike up a conversation or asking to sit next to them. Having conversation starters in mind might help to break to the ice more easily. Think: “Are you living on campus or do you commute?” Or hit 'em with the classic “What made you decide to study this course?” or “What sorts of things do you like doing in your spare time?” Who knows, you might just find a study buddy who also binge-watches your fave Netflix show. 


Friendship hacks, these top tips will help you make friends... 
  • Post-Class Hangs: Don't rush off – linger a bit! Make the most of the facilities and get to know people by attending socials, planning meet ups on or off campus or joining a class at Qmotion gym. This can be particularly helpful for commuter students as this allows you to make the most of campus experiences. 

  • Mutual Friends FTW: Connect with the friends of your friends – that's like instant friend gold. Form groups with people you know are acquainted with each other and widen your social circles. 

  • Group Chats Galore: Hunt down your course group chats, slide into those DMs, and let the convos flow. 

  • Icebreakers Rule: Most courses have icebreakers for new students in Welcome Week which allow you to get to know some of your course mates before teaching begins. Be sure to attend these as they can help you feel more confident going into your first class knowing that you will see some familiar faces there. 

  • Flatmate Bonding: If you are living on campus, getting to know your flatmates is a good way to widen your social network. Ah, the famous kitchen hangouts – these will be your new jam. Keep that door open, invite peeps over – watch your social circle expand. 

Mix and match these tips, and before you know it, you'll be rolling with a crew that's got your back through thick and thin. Welcome to the best years of your life! Want to make friends easily? See our events programme where you can meet tons of new people! 


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