Your guide to commute like a boss

Your Ultimate Guide to Navigating Uni Commutes Like a Boss 

We get it, the daily trek to campus can sometimes feel like you're stuck in a never-ending tunnel of boredom. However, you’re not alone and it doesn’t have to be that way. Loads of students commute to Queen Mary, and with excellent transport links to uni, the daily commute can often be a cost effective and convenient choice. With a little prep and pre-planning, you can totally turn your journey into a productive and enjoyable experience. Here are some suggestions which will level up your commute game: 


Tune In and Zone Out 

Podcasts? Audiobooks? Your favourite playlist? Heck, yeah! Downloading these in advance can be a good way of ensuring that you don’t rely on Wi-Fi or mobile data and avoid those dreaded buffering moments. This is especially effective for commutes on underground trains, because let’s be real, Wi-Fi signal isn’t strong enough to reach under the earth! Listening to something is a good way of shutting yourself off from your surroundings, allowing you to feel like the travel time passes quicker. A bonus is that if your environment is noisy, you won’t be as disturbed. Bye-bye, noisy distractions! Hello, zen start to your day! 


Read, Learn, Slay 

Grab your fave book or keep on top of your studies reading your academic texts. Why waste time elsewhere when you can catch up on all the knowledge during your commute? It’s a win-win, make your journey feel quicker and get your work done. A lot of academic reading can be accessed through QMPlus or sometimes through eBooks on QMUL library. It’s handy to have downloaded on your device, that way you don’t need to carry around a physical copy with you which can lighten your load. Think about it, fewer physical books means more space for cute accessories! If having a physical copy is more your thing, Queen Mary’s library has most of the reading you will be required to do which can help you save money on buying your own copy. Plus, they have a killer new leisure collection where you can borrow all the top fiction reads for free! 


Hustle On the Go 

Who says you can't be a total multitasking queen? Transform your commute into a productivity paradise by smashing out those essay drafts, note-taking, and even tackling practice questions. Break down your workload into manageable chunks that you can fit it into your travel time. Snag some software that lets you work offline, who knows how unreliable the WI-FI will be. Get started on tasks, piece of work or even just make notes to refer to later. Break it down and tackle your work in a way which is less overwhelming and prepares you for when you arrive at uni and sit down to engage with it fully. 


Chill Zone: Recharge Mode ON 

Life ain't just about the hustle, right? Sometimes you gotta stop working, unwind and focus on nothing much at all. Perhaps you’re the kind of person who likes doing meditation, taking in your surroundings, letting your mind wander or squeezing in a short nap. Your commute is the perfect time to do just that and trust us, your mental health will thank you for these chill moments. 




Commuter Hacks:
  • Be A Railcard Raver: If you travel by train or take the underground, you can get a 16-25 Railcard which gives you 1/3 discount on train fares. Cha-ching! 

  • Swag Storage: The Mile End campus has got your back with storage lockers in the Francis Bancroft building. These can be used to store anything that would weigh you down when you are on campus. A map can be found here.   

  • Travel Light: Ditch the heavy textbooks and embrace digital docs. If you prefer not to bring in your laptop or devices, there is the option of loaning a laptop from the library.  

  • Be A Campus Cutie: Stay on campus after your classes and make the most of socials, university resources and facilities such as the library, and Students’ Union spaces including the Ground Café, Hub and Qmotion gym. 

  • Time Flies, Plan Wise: Unexpected delays? Ain't nobody got time for that! Plan ahead and check whether there are any diversions or strikes that may affect your journey. In case you are ever late or miss a lecture or class, it is worth having the contact details of some of your course mates to help you catch up on your notes and any missed information. You can also contact your seminar leaders or lecturers for any notes you might need. 

  • Save On Snacks: Who needs pricey snacks? Bring your own and save those pounds for a rainy day. Pro tip: pocket-friendly snacks = more cash for the important stuff. 

So, there you have it – No more eye-rolling at those train delays and dreading your journey to uni. Get out there and make those travel hours yours and if you’d like to find yourself a travel buddy or maybe just make some commuter friends, why not join us for our commuter social! 


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