Should the SU lobby the University to abolish the £50 instalment fee for international students?

Date lapsed: February 2024

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Date lapsed: February 2024

Proposed by: Varvara Evgeniou (BL International Rep)
Seconded by: Miranda Xie (ME International Rep), Giulia Olayemi (VP London), Ellora Kamineni (BL Women’s Rep), Ashraya Harish (BL Volunteering Officer), Nazia Uddin (BL PGR Rep), Sidhant Singh (BL Pre-Clinical Rep)

Progress: Ongoing

What do you want?

Currently, international students who wish to pay in instalments, rather than all upfront, are charged with a £50 instalment fee. We would like QMSU to lobby the University to abolish this instalment fee.


Why do you want it?

This instalment fee is unfair for students who are unable to pay their tuition fees on one go at the beginning of the academic year, especially as international students usually pay significantly more than home students. This targets the most disadvantaged international students disproportionately, as the people most likely to pay in instalments are those who struggle financially.


What impact will this have?

This will relieve the financial pressure off international students who need to, or indeed simply prefer to, pay their tuition fees in instalments.


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