Provide training and perks to BL non-reps

Date embedded: October 2021

SU operations and development

Passed February 2017; amended October 2019

Proposed by: William Atkins (BLSA President, QMSU Vice-President Barts and The London)
Seconded by: Miranda Black (QMSU President)

In progress


What do you want?
  1. I want (non-representative roles on the BLSA Board to receive the same optional perks made available to student council members
  2. I want non-representative roles on the BLSA Board to be invited to student council training events but their attendance is not mandatory.
  3. In order to obtain their perks they should have suitable alternative training with their relevant staff support. The maximum amount of mandatory training to be eligible for perks cannot be more than one day, this training would not have to occur in one session but can be divided into parts, once complete the perks will be available to the student.


Why do you want it?

Currently student council members can opt for two of the three perks listed below, providing that they regularly attend student meetings, and fulfil other criteria:

  • Free gym membership at Qmotion
  • 20% on food and non-alcoholic drink at Union Venues
  • Free entry into selected Union ticketed events at Drapers and the Griff In

Non-representative roles on the BLSA Board current include:

  • Secretary
  • ENTs Officers (x2)
  • Alumni Officer
  • External Affairs Officer

Both representative and non-representative roles on the BLSA board make an enormous contribution to the Association and the student experience during their time in post, and deserve to receive equal recognition for their contribution and support and training from the Union


What impact will this have?

It would provide an additional encouragement for students to run for non-representative roles on the BLSA Board, get engaged with BLSA, and also acknowledge that non-representative and representative roles on the BLSA Board both have a role in contributing to our Union, and deserve equal recognition by the Union.


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