Should QMSU live-stream student council and AMMs?

Date embedded: March 2022

Liberation - inclusion - accessibilitySU operations and development

Date embedded: March 2022

Proposed by: Joe Vinson (Commercial Services Officer / Student Council Chair-elect)
Seconded by: ack Juckes (Disabled and SLD Rep – BL / VP Welfare-elect)



What do you want?

For QMSU to live stream Student Council and AMMs from the next academic year, and for Student Council to delegate this to be achieved and implemented by next year’s Student Council Chair and VP Welfare (to address any welfare issues related to the proposal) over the summer.


Why do you want it?

Student Council and AMMs are powerful decision-making bodies within QMSU, and students should be able to see what is discussed, who is turning up, to watch the debates and hear from their elected officers. Expecting observers to physically attend the meeting in the room to do this in 2020 is outdated and inaccessible, which is why it should be streamed online.

In addition, I promised it in my manifesto for election as Student Council Chair and won that election with X% of the vote. This initiative needs student council approval and cannot be implemented without it. Next year, I will be unable to propose a motion to get this achieved as I will have to be impartial as Chair, and I would like to implement this part of my manifesto in time for the next academic year.


What impact will this have?

Our democratic structures and decision-making processes will be more accessible to students, increasing participation and accountability within QMSU.


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