Be Kind To Your Mind: COVID-19

As part of our Be Kind To Your Mind re-launch, we talk about the importance of connecting with others and staying active during your time inside during Covid-19


Hello everyone! 

We know that the world can seem quite a scary place right now and we understand that many of you might be in isolation or practising social distancing. Whilst undergoing these measures, its crucial that you look after your own mental health

This is why we're relaunching our 'Be Kind To Your Mind' campaign, centred around giving you tips and resources for looking after yourself during these next few weeks.

Part 1 includes tips on staying connected with others and making sure you're still keeping active whilst staying inside! Watch out for Part 2 later this week for some tips on mindfulness, giving back and learning new skills! 

Please ensure you're keeping up to date with the latest advice from the NHS and the Government on the situation, as well as the latest updates from Queen Mary, University of London. 

Don't forget to check out Part 2 as well, which can be found here

With the Government now advising us to stay in our houses as much as possible, the lack of connection is a huge factor in ensuring that we are able to keep our mental health in the best state that we possibly can! Mind, the mental health charity, have a created a great information sheet that has a list of different reccomendations to ensure that you are looking after your wellbeing during this time. 

We've also got a few suggestions of things you can try to ensure that you are still connecting with other people;

Netflix Party

Why not try this extension that lets you watch Netflix with your friends. It synchronises the video playback and adds a group chat function, so you can watch your favourite shows and movies with friends! Be warned, this only works on desktop or laptops and is only available on Chrome.


Rave operates in a very similar way to Netflix Party, but Rave allows you to watch videos on YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, Reddit and more and is available on both mobile and desktop. You can also use voice notes alongside text messages in Rave, which adds to that real-life simulation. 

36 Questions that lead to Love

Although originally designed to find love, the New York Times have published 36 questions from psychologist Arthur Aron, which are used to explore whether intimacy between 2 people can be accelerated. Why not give it a try with your housemate or other friends and see how your relationships develop?

Start a virtual club

Just because we have been advised to stay inside where possible, doesn't mean we can’t socialise! Why not carry on your discussions online via the number of platforms available to you. Google Hangout, Skype & Zoom all enable video calls, so you don’t have to miss out on anything!

Share your discoveries 

During social distancing, you may find yourself catching up on new music, or even discovering some TV shows that you missed the first time around. Ensure you’re sharing these by creating lists of recommendations or even starting a collaborative playlist with you and some friends. 

Obviously, staying active can be quite the task when we're advised to stay inside as much as we can. However, there are still ways in which you can keep excercising, even if you're in isolation.

Trting to keep active with Mind

Mind have provided a list of simple activities to keep you off your seat. Be sure to check out 'eat well and stay hydrated' for basic tips on nutrition! Make sure you take breaks regularly if you're working and find ways to relax for you. There's no right or wrong way, just whatever works best for you! 

Qmotion At Home Workout

One of our Qmotion Fitness Instructors has put together an at-home workout plan for you to follow. The plan lasts for 6 weeks and includes exercise 3 times a week to make sure you're getting enough exercise during your time inside. Click here to see the plan and let us know your thoughts! 


Head to QMSU Sport's Instagram at @qmsu_sport and find out what challenges you can try. They'll be a different challenge every other day, so make sure you're keeping a close eye! Be sure to tag us and share amongst your friends to compete against! 

Yoga with Adrienne 

Yoga with Adriene provides yoga for all, whether you want a more intense practice or something to calm the mind. She has also has a dog that features heavily in her videos, win win! Back in January, she also did a 30-day 'at-home' challenge, which created some great content for your own at-home yoga.

PE with Joe Wicks

Follow the live PE sessions delivered by Joe Wicks on The Body Coach TV Youtube Channel. You can get any younger siblings off from school involved, as well as making sure you're keeping active and stimulated! Join him for 30 minutes activity at 9am every day! 

Down Dog

With the Down Dog app, you can design your own yoga video focusing on whatever flows/movements you prefer so every practice is different and is tailored by you. It is also completely free and incredibly easy to use, and you can find this on the app store!

That's it for Part 1, but be sure to check out Part 2, which will have tips and resources on mindfulness, learning new skills and doing what you can to give back during this time! 


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