Executive Officer Profile - Cameron Storey

In our second Executive Officer profile, we introduce you to Cameron, your new Vice President Humanaties and Social Sciences, another new role that we introduced last year! He told us his go-to order for Drapers, as well as how he plans to utilise his new role to provide for students within the HSS faculty; 

Tell us a bit about your journey here at Queen Mary so far?

If someone had described my now complete university experience to me when I first started at Queen Mary, I don’t think I would have believed them. It has been a wild ride, full of ups and downs. Luckily, mostly ups! I grew up in Spain, so studying at an English university really scared me. But I wouldn’t change any of it. I have been a Course Rep, which allowed me to get involved with my course and learn so much more about my degree. I participated in lots of Students’ Union events, met so many amazing people and have made my lifelong friends, whilst also getting the opportunity to  attended a formal ball or two!

What’s your go-to order for Drapers or The Griff?

Southern Fried Big One from the Draper’s Kitchen! When there’s a ‘triple’ in the description of a burger, you KNOW you are on to a winner!

Favourite spot on any of our campuses?

The views from the Graduate Centre roof terrace. The skyline at dusk is a million-dollar view!

If you could start again, what would be the first society you’d join?

As someone who didn’t get involved with societies much during their time at university, I would definitely check out the social societies. Meeting new people over a shared common interest is an awesome way to start university life. So, considering I love food, probably the Baking Society. I always wanted to see if I could make anything more complicated than a chocolate brownie!

What’s your favourite non-campus place in East London?

Tough question, but if I could only choose one place, it would have to be the Canalside at Here East in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. A lovely stroll down the canal is complete with a perfect spot for a drink and a bite to eat.

If you could tell the incoming students one piece of advice, what would it be?  

Don’t be afraid to try something new. This is the start of a new chapter in both your life and everyone else you meet. Get involved and meet as many new people as you can. But above all, make it the best you can and enjoy every moment!

As one of the new Executive Officer positions, how are you going to interact with the schools in your faculty to improve the experience for students?

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is composed of so many different schools and thousands of students. Representing the student voice is my primary goal. As such, I aim to interact and collaborate with the newly elected School and Faculty Representatives to advance the interests of all Schools, to ensure that ideas are shared between the Faculty, and the needs of students are being listened to, no matter what they study. The position will also allow more work to be done on improving the experience of joint-degree students, commuters and post-graduates.


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