RAG Officer (BL)


Hi everyone! My name is Numa and I'm the Barts and The London RAG Officer for 2020-2021. I'm so excited to meet all of you in the new year, and welcome you to the BL family!

RAG stands for Raise and Give, and is a UK-wide fundraising appeal. At BL our RAG committee is run by myself (as elected RAG Officer), and we welcome any and all members of the student body to join us. The main point of RAG is to fundraise and donate money to our elected RAG charities in fun and unusual ways.

One of my biggest aims for the new year is to help make RAG more accessible for the student body. In particular, I want to work closely with new students; it doesn't matter what course you're on, RAG is for everyone! It can be as much or as little commitment as you want it to be, not to mention you'll be part of the wonderful RAG committee, where you'll be able to meet new people, and hopefully have loads of fun.

If you're interested in joining RAG, make sure to follow our social media accounts:

https://www.facebook.com/blsarag/ and https://www.instagram.com/blsarag/

Plus, if you're interested in being part of RAG committee, want to hear about the events we'll be hosting throughout the year, or just have some questions, pop me an email at anytime to: rag@bartslondon.com

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About the role:

The RAG Officer (BL) shall create a positive charitable influence on campus. While elected by the student body, is not a representative role and does not sit on Student Council.



  • Convene and co-ordinate the Union’s Barts and The London RAG Committee
  • Be responsible for planning and delivery of all Barts and The London RAG activity including the expenditure of any funds as directed by the Barts and The London RAG Committee.
  • Ensure that all Barts and The London RAG events are organised in collaboration with the Union and adhere to Health and Safety requirements, financial requirements and the Equal Opportunities policy.
  • Liaise with selected charities, external organisations or causes who money is raised for.
  • Engage, report and consult with the Societies Board
  • Develop charity fundraising within Barts and The London sports clubs, societies and student groups


Meetings I attend:

  • Barts and The London RAG Committee
  • BLSA Board (2 hour meeting, six times a year)

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