Sports Officer (BL)

Alice Larsen

About the role:

The Sports Officer (Barts and The London) seeks feedback and represents the interests of sports clubs and is the voice of BL students involved in sport.



  • Represent the interests of Barts and The London sports clubs and be the voice of Barts and The London sports club members
  • Convene and co-ordinate with the Sports Officer (Mile End) the Club Sport Committee as defined in Bye-Law 22
  • Convene and co-ordinate with relevant members of staff regarding events, training, general support and Union communication for Queen Mary sports clubs, as the Mile End Sports Officer deems appropriate
  • Ensure that the interests of Queen Mary Sports Clubs are represented during funding allocations, by being involved with the funding allocation process
  • Be the student face of Barts and The London sports clubs and accessible to students with sports club inquiries
  • Actively work to developBarts and The London sports clubs
  • Fulfil additional duties as outlined in the Bye-Laws


Meetings I attend:

  • Student Council (2 hour meeting, five times a year)
  • BLSA Board (2 hour meeting, six times a year)
  • Club Sport Committee

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