Sports Officer

Szymon Butryn

A third-year history student and a captain for Queen Mary 1st Basketball Team, I am devoted to the idea of expanding the role of sports in students' lives at QM. There is no question that some of our most exciting teams have played a large role in shaping our image around London and in the UK. However, while some clubs continue to thrive, the interest in others has fallen out. The success of those teams does not lie with the lack of players' quality but with the lack of people involved. My goal is to convince my fellow students that it can be as little as your continued interest in our work that helps us flourish for our common joy. With great facilities at the Mile Campus, no one should elude the possibility to contribute; in every team, there is a role one can blossom in.

I look forward to working with all of the Queen Mary sports teams. I have trained basketball as a member of various teams for 8 years, having seized the opportunity to play professional tournaments and leagues in Poland, France, and the UK. Recently, I have completed an exchange with the University of Sydney as a part of the study abroad programme at our university. My international experience alongside two years spent at our institution helped shape my perspective on where does the power of our sporting programme lays. It starts with every one of us.

Nevertheless, It is my responsibility to provide you with the best tools. Expect announcements on the social leagues as soon as the current situation clarifies. Expect an advertising campaign showing students how many opportunities fly right before one's eyes. Expect creations of new teams and social leagues for as long as there is a desire for such we need to provide it for you. These days everyone is in need of some sporting activity, probably more than ever. The more of us join the teams and contribute to the sports the healthier we can all become. I look forward to working with you, for you.

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About the role:

The Sports Officer (Mile End) represents the interests of sports clubs and is the voice of Mile End students involved in sport.



  • Represent the interests of Mile End sports clubs and student groups and be the voice of Mile End society and student group members
  • Co-ordinate with the Sports Officer (BL)
  • Assist relevant members of Union staff with events, training and general support for Mile End clubs and student groups
  • Encourage and aid Union communication with Mile End sports clubs and student groups
  • Be the student face of Mile End sports clubs and student groups and accessible to students with related inquiries
  • Actively work to develop sport on Mile End campus
  • Fulfil additional duties as outlined in the Bye-Laws


Meetings I attend:

  • Student Council (2 hour meeting, five times a year)
  • Union Development Board (2 hour meeting, five times a year)
  • Club Sport Committee

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