Sustainability Officer

Grace McMeekin

My name is Grace McMeekin and I have been elected as the Sustainability Officer. I am a final year Film Studies student with a passion for the environment and I am so excited to be taking on this role! Since starting at Queen Mary I have been an Energy Ambassador, an active member of Green Mary and a member of Tower Hamlets Extinction Rebellion as I believe we should leave our campus and the wider community in a better state than when we found it. We have the opportunity to create a happier, safer and healthier environment at our university for ourselves and for future generations by working hard to improve sustainability and I am so encouraged by the increasing amount of energy students have for this important topic. I will be responsible for being the voice of the students regarding anything to do with sustainability at Queen Mary and will take your views to council meetings. I will also be working with Green Mary and collaborating with Sustain@BL to take action and make our campuses as environmentally friendly as possible.

My priorities will be to continue to lobby the university to declare a climate emergency, reduce our waste by working to introduce a coffee cup swap scheme as well as replace the single-use plastic cups used at Drapers and the Griff-inn and connecting students with nature through gardening schemes to re-wild our campus whilst improving everyone's mental health! I will also focus on any projects that are important to you so if you have ideas you'd like to work on please bring them to me, I’m here to be your voice and to take action for you!

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About the role:

The Sustainability Officer seeks feedback and represents the interests of students on issues relating to the environment and sustainability.



  • Engage with and lobby Queen Mary University of London to meet its obligations regarding environmental issues and the global climate emergency
  • Engage with relevant external campaigns raising awareness of environmental issues and the global climate emergency, including NUS
  • Educate and raise awareness among the student body of environmental issues and the global climate emergency, and the structural and individual ways students can address


Meetings I attend:

  • Student Council (2 hour meeting, five times a year)
  • Union Development Board (2 hour meeting, five times a year)

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