Welfare Officer (S&E)

Henriana Kombo Nguila Iyongo & Ishani Nanda

About the role:

The Welfare Officer (S&E) seeks feedback and represents students on welfare, equal opportunity and welfare issues that affect the faculty of Science & Engineering. 



  • Engage with and lobby Queen Mary University of London and other relevant organisations to achieve welfare-related improvements for students
  • Seek feedback from their group in order accurately to represent their welfare interests
  • Where appropriate, support the Executive Committee in their duties and responsibilities and seek support from them with respect to their own duties and responsibilities
  • Cooperate and coordinate with the Welfare Representative (BL) and the Welfare Representative (HSS), where appropriate
  • Liaise with members of student groups relevant to their role
  • Represent all students in Science and Engineering and assist the Executive Committee in being these students’ voice on welfare, community and liberation-related issues


Meetings I attend:

  • Student Council (2 hour meeting, five times a year)
  • Science and Engineering Board (2 hour meeting, five times a year)
  • Welfare Board (2 hour meeting, five times a year)

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