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Access to 3 networking events across the Students' Union's sites including the Griff Inn at Whitechapel, The Shield Café in Barbican and Ground Café in Mile End. All members will be invited to the event as well as speaker, giving you a great opportunity to meet like-minded people.

Access to special social events and alumni reunions so you can meet up with old coursemates and relive your time at University.

FREE 1 year TOTUM card giving you access to hundreds of discounts at outlets such as Coop, Pizza Express, Alton Towers and 20% off National Express.

A mention in our thank you page on the Students' Union and BLSA website.

Receive our quarterly Alumni newsletter to all members which will include the latest updates from the Students' Union and BLSA, news on the latest projects and campaigns, updates from our Clubs and Societies and exclusive discounts and offers.

20% off 5 stalls bookings per year at our high footfall area Library Square at our Mile End campus or our Whitechapel campus depending on your business. Discount worth up to £499.

20% off external advertising for a limited period - perfect for start-up businesses!

Discounted Qmotion membership

A percentage of your annual membership fee will go directly towards a grant funding pot, which Societies, Sports Clubs, Volunteering groups and Student Media outlets can apply for to support their projects.