2020 Strategic Plan

Our Mission

we improve students’ lives

Our Vision

We want to be
at the heart of the
student experience

Our Values

Student-led, Democratic & Transparent
Supportive, Inclusive & Accessible
Welcoming, Fun & Committed

Student Voices

We will make sure that your voice is heard, valued and acted upon

We support an incredibly diverse student body, and it’s vital we understand what you want and need during your time at Queen Mary. You should not only be able to raise and discuss issues that matter most to you, but also be actively involved in making change. We have lots of great places and spaces across our campuses, and we want to use these spaces to show you how you can get involved with your Students’ Union. Students are at the heart of what we do, and our services should be shaped and delivered by you.

We will:

Take the time to get to know you better and understand your needs

Make it easier for you to have your say and make change

Encourage you to get involved and participate in your Students’ Union

Make sure you have a say in how we develop our services

Education and Welfare

We will support your education and welfare so you have the opportunity to fulfil your potential

Improving the educational experience for you is fundamental to what we do. Your welfare, wellbeing and mental health is pivotal to ensure a positive and successful University experience and it is vital we ensure you know where and how you can access help and support when you need it.

We will:

Lobby to create institutional change to improve your educational experience

Prioritise your welfare, wellbeing and mental health

Provide you with the support you need to make the most out of your time at University.

Opportunities and Communities

We will create and support social, cultural and recreational activities so that you feel part of a community

University is an opportunity to meet new people, try new things and build important skills. As a Students’ Union, we will strive to ensure all our activities and events will be fully accessible to everyone and are representative of our diverse student body. We will work hard to overcome potential limitations and create an evolving variety of Students’ Union-run activities and events, designed and delivered with input from you.

We will:

Provide you with a broad range of opportunities to find and develop your own communities

Ensure our diverse community can get involved in the Students’ Union in lots of ways

Create flexible and accessible spaces which meet your needs

Extend our reach to engage more of you than ever before

Deliver excellent activities and develop our student leaders

Student Futures

We will empower you to shape your own future

We know that you care about your life outside of, and beyond University. We will work with you to create opportunities to enhance employability and professional skills, get you involved in making a difference through sustainability and volunteering projects and empower you to have a real impact in your local community.

We will:

Enhance your skills and confidence

Provide a platform for you to make an impact on local, national and global communities

Be recognised as a sustainable and ethical Students’ Union

Behind the scenes

We will build a strong and efficient Union that is ready to deliver for you

Ensuring we have clear and transparent processes and systems is key to the work we do and will ensure you can use them efficiently and easily. Our full-time and student staff are essential to ensuring we deliver our goals, and a strong and happy staff team will have a positive impact on the services and activities we offer. Communicating effectively what we do and why we do it to you is important to ensure you know who we are and want to spend time in our places and spaces, as well as facilitating transparency. You should be able to hold our organisation to account through access to clear and meaningful reporting.

We will:

Develop ways of working that deliver high quality services that are focussed around you

Have a highly engaged and skilled staff team that delivers high quality work for you

Ensure long-term financial stability and generate new income to reinvest back into Students’ Union services.

Ensure you understand what we do and why we do it

Have robust and transparent governance systems which give us legitimacy

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