Annual Student Meeting

Date: Monday 27th November 2023, 6pm

The Annual Student Meeting is taking place on Monday 27th November 2023 at 6pm. The event will be held online, so you'll be able to get involved wherever you are!

The event is your opportunity to get involved in debate on a range of ideas and issues decided by students. You'll also be able to find out more about the recent work of your Students' Union and elected representatives and ask them questions about what they've been up to.

If you have any questions about the Annual Student Meeting please contact us via social media, or send an email to

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Please register with your QMUL login details (the same account details you use for QM Plus, Teams etc). You will only be able to login to Zoom and join the meeting using your QMUL account.

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An amendment is a change to a motion that is on the agenda for the Annual Student Meeting. The suggested changes should be substantive, and the Chair is unlikely to accept amendments that relate to spelling, grammar or style, unless the amendment would change the meaning of the motion.

Read our Amendments guide to learn more about submitting an amendment to a motion prior to the Annual Student Meeting.

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