Your safety

What are we doing to ensure you feel safe in our spaces?

Security training

We are retraining our externally provided core SIA accredited security teams so they know how to appropriately respond to issues and complaints when raised by students.

Our staff team receive ongoing training as part of our Good Night Out accreditation, and this will be reviewed and continue.

Drinks procedures

We are extending our existing anti-tampering options to include drink covers at our venues.

We are now serving water on request at the bar and have removed the communal jugs.

We have reduced the places where taking your drink with you is restricted. Legally, our license restrictions mean we are still unable to allow alcohol to be taken outdoors.

Spiking testing kits

Approved testing kits will be available in our venues for use should you believe you are a victim of drink tampering. Detailed information on how to recognise if a drink has been spiked or tampered with will also be introduced.

Support resources

We will be providing clearer information, both within our venues and online, about how students can report incidents and access any support required.

There will be additional communications to all students to reinforce and raise awareness of existing schemes we have in place in our venues such as the Ask for Angela scheme.

Increased security

We are introducing additional spot checks upon entry to our venues, including the use of metal detection equipment.

We are reviewing our CCTV coverage and evaluating the visibility and positions security staff are located in at our events and venues.

Welfare services

We will be providing a dedicated welfare officer and safe space area at each event.

You can now text our Drapers welfare number on 07876 302685 or our Griff Inn welfare number on 07435 496951 during events if you need to report something immediately or feel uncomfortable approaching a member of staff for support.

Female security

There will now be additional female security officers when possible, with female security staff present at all large events with more than 250 attendees.

Media campaigns

We will be introducing new campaigns on safety and gender-based violence to inform and educate. These will run alongside our regular Club Nights and will be funded by ticket money.

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