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A campaign is an action, or series of actions, designed to bring about some form of change

Your Union campaigns to improve the student experience and lives of our students on issues of concern to students locally, nationally and internationally.

Our campaigns are led by you, our members, so if you feel there is an issue that we should be working on get in touch with one of the Union's Executive Officers.


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Current Campaigns

Mile End Library Opening Hours Campaign

Last year (2014-15) the Students' Union ran a campaign to increase the Mile End Library opening hours to 24/7 all year round. Over 2,600 students responded to a Union survey stating that they wanted Mile End Library to open 24/7, but unfortunately the necessary funding bid to enable this was unsuccessful.

This year, the Union is continuing the campaign, but will be focusing on a staged approach. A letter written by undergraduate and postgraduate students was received by the Students’ Union requesting that Library hours be extended and highlighting that Mile End Library is only open for 29% of the weekend (currently between 13:00 - 20:00 Sat and Sun). This percentage was compared to other Russel Group Universities, whose percentage starts at 52%. This suggests that QMUL should increase the weekend opening hours, to allow students with many different working patters, or requirements to study at the weekend. 
The campaign this year (2015-16) will ask QMUL to:
1. Extend the weekend opening hours of the Mile End Library to 08:00 - Midnight (the same hours as weekdays) from Semester 2.
2. Increase the opening hours at both Canalside and the Hives to 24/7 with card access for students from Semester 2. (The current opening hours are: Canalside: 08:00 - Midnight and the Hives: 08:00 - 22:00).
3. Look into funding 24/7 opening hours from next year (2016-17). 
If you support these asks then please make sure you sign our petition by following the link below. It would also be helpful if you could send any statements as to why you think the library opening hours should be extended to the Students' Union President, Carolina Mantzalos
Sign our petition:  Sign the petition here.


The current Government is planning to scrap maintenance grants for full-time Higher Education students in England and replace them with a loans-based system. This would be a move that would end non-repayable state support offered to hundreds of thousands of students from lower income households every year and saddle poorer students with more debt.

This could impact hundreds of thousands of students from poorer backgrounds studying in England. QMSU Executive Officers have been writing and meeting the local MPs to lobby them to oppose these proposed changes.

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