Will your school win the trophy?

Campus Games, is a chance for you (student/staff/alumni) to participate in different activities throughout the year ranging from a Park Run to a Tug-of-war. Points will be awarded to your school for participation and at the end of the academic year your school could be the holders of the Campus Games Trophy.

All you need to do is show up for your school and participate, and there is absolutely no experience of that activity required.

Who can take part?

Any student, alumni, member of staff or faculty can take part in the Campus Games. Nearly every event is free! You can take part or spectate at every event this year

How do I get involved?

Each School will have selected contacts who will receive information about the events and who will be updated on the results. They will be responsible for putting together a team for each event and also electing a captain for each sport.

We will release the details of the students or main contacts for each school involved in January.

If you have any queries or would like any further information then please contact: campusgames@qmul.ac.uk

Schools Ranking

Next Up:

Mixed Netball 

Thursday 6 June - Mixed Netball - St Paul's Way School

Mixed Netball League is the perfect opportunity for people of all abilities to get involved in Netball for the first time and don’t worry if you don’t know the rules that will all be explained on the day!

Thursday 6th June
6pm-8pm, free     
Enter your team here           
Points = Participation

Timetable & Activities

Sport When
Mile End Park Run Saturday 17th November
Indoor Triathlon Tuesday 12th February
Dodgeball Thursday 28th February
Pop Up Tug of War Tuesday 7th May
Pop Up Tug of War Friday 31st May
Mixed Netball Thursday 6th June