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Introducing Club Sport

Club Sport provides many opportunities for you to participate and compete in a wide variety of sports while you are at University.

With 60+ sports clubs for you to choose from and many links to other clubs across London, we are confident that there will be something out there for you to carry on your existing sporting interest or for you to try something completely new during your university years.

QMSU Sports Clubs offer much more than just playing sport and we are committed to delivering an excellent sporting student experience by providing students with a wide range of opportunities to get involved in sport, exploring new and exciting places, develop personal skills, celebrating sporting achievements, developing a sense of community and pride and also a chance to develop friendships for life.

If however, you feel there is a need for something new, read on…


How Can I Apply to start a New Club?

If you want to apply to set up a new Sports Club, here is what you need to do.

1. Read through the New Club Application process' stages below. They will explain what sports cannot be approved and what the process is.
2. If your proposed club meets the criteria outlined in the stages below then submit a written application before one of the two annual deadlines using the link.
3. Your application will be considered by QMSU Club Sport and you will be informed of the outcome shortly after the application deadline. QMSU Club Sport will let you know what to do from there!

Stage 1
Your application will be received by the Club Development Manager and the Sports Administrator in the first instance. Your application will be reviewed and you will be asked to come in to a meeting with the sports development team and discuss your club proposal in more detail.

Stage 2
Applications received will be considered by QMSU Club Sport and the Club Sport Board. The sports development team will present your club proposal to the board and a democratic vote will take place by the elected board and your club will be accepted or rejected as part of the QMSU Club Sport programme.

Any new club applications against which at least one of the following criteria applies will be rejected automatically.

1. A duplication of an existing QMSU Club Sport club
2. If the sports cannot be insured through our public liability insurance.
3. If proposing activities that might bring QMSU Club Sport into disrepute.
4. The nature of the activity is deemed to be of such high risk that it would require a disproportionate amount of staff time or other resources (eg. equipment) to ensure compliance with minimum safety standards.

There are also a number of minimum requirements that must be met, and a few optional requirements that may strengthen an application.


Minimum requirements:

1. Has a recognised National Governing Body.
2. There is proven demand for the club.
3. There are enough members to form a committee (at least Club Captain/President and Treasurer).
4. The club can be sustainable financially (we would expect you show that you can operate without any funding for the first year as there is very limited funding available). A club budget outline for example.
5. The club can be sustainable operationally (are there non final-year members on committee to take the club forward after the first year etc.).


Optional requirements:

1. A statement or letter of support from the National Governing Body.
2. BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) recognised sport.
3. Links with a facility where the sport takes place.
4. Links to coaching providers (qualified) as appropriate.

Stage 3
If your club gets approved then you will need to complete the QMSU Club Sport Development Plan prior to any activity or promotion which will be made available upon affiliation to QMSU Club Sport.

Stage 4

Accepted clubs will then receive:
1. Access to the QMSU Sports Fresher’s Fair
2. Access to QMSU Club Sport Board Training
3. Access to QMSU Sport Development Team staff support
4. Club bank account
5. Access to Queen Mary Students Union Room Bookings
6. Access to QMSU Club Sport Club Photos day
7. Access to QMSU Club Sport Awards Dinner ( )
8. Entry into QMSU Club Sport Merger Cup if appropriate (
9. Club Members are eligible to become part of the QMSU Club Sport Board

CSC Dates during which Affiliations are voted on

- October 10th 2019

- Novermber 21st 2019

- December 12th 2019

- January 23rd 2020

- February 13th 2020

- March 12th 2020


To start your application for a new sports club at QMSU Club Sport please apply below:

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