Board Games Society: Fresher's Night (online)

Tuesday 05 October 2021, 6pm - 9pm

About this event

Come along and try out our first board games night for free! Welcome to everyone regardless of experience, we have both casual and advanced games. This is also the place to be to meet other TTRPG fans, to join or set up a campaign. We have a large selection of virtual board games we host, from Secret Hitler to Codenames, so we can help you pick up a new game or play some old favourites.

This week, and the previous week in-person, will be free to try, so come along for a friendly and relaxed evening of board games!

Our online sessions take place on our Discord server! Drop in and out between 6pm-9pm, free to all QMSU members. If you need support getting in or have any other questions, please see our minisite for contact information, we're more than happy to talk to you!

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