BL Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery: CRAM MRCS Course

Wednesday 03 April 2024, 4pm - 9pm

Queen Mary University of London
About this event


The CRAM-MRCS (Comprehensive Review of Anatomy Modules for MRCS) Course is an exciting and interactive National course targeted at surgical trainees preparing for the MRCS exam and for final year medical students who wish to revise their anatomy knowledge. This is a uniquely high-quality and affordable course which incorporates the use of cadaveric prosections and anatomical models alongside a comprehensive anatomy revision session led by a consultant surgeon. IMPORTANT: If you think you may be pregnant or if you are breastfeeding, you are not allowed to attend PRISM course

Why purchase a ticket?

  • Current MRCS anatomy revision series offered on the market are intense single day lectures costing from £175 to £550. We are offering our courses at a very affordable rate as we are generously supported. Ticket costs also include light refreshments.

  • For most doctors, their exposure to cadaveric prosections would have been during medical school and there are very limited MRCS anatomy revision series involving cadaveric prosections. We recognise the importance of using cadavers for solidifying anatomical knowledge and therefore want to provide this opportunity.

  • The content of the CAT programme and PRISM Programme has been developed by Consultant Surgeons and Registrars who have passed the MRCS Exam. They will also be delivering the talks and workshops therefore allowing you to gain expert knowledge and insight into the exams. 
    • CAT = Comprehensive Anatomy Tutorial Programme (Lectures only) 
    • PRISM = Prosection Integrated Series with Anatomy Models for MRCS (Prosection station-based workshops)
  • As it is across several days, it will allow you to network with many other surgeons preparing for the exam whom you may want to form a study group with.

Please note that we have limited spaces for this course, especially the PRISM programme and it will be sold on a first-come first-serve basis. (Maximum 30 for PRISM)

Ticket Clarification

  • The £15 themed ticket gives you access to both the PRISM and CAT Programme! (Prosections + Lecture) --> FYI this is not available for the 2nd part of the themes
  • The £5 ticket gives you access to a SINGLE CAT Programme (1 themed lecture). You will be emailed to confirm which theme you will be attending. You are welcomed to attend as many as you wish but you would need to pay a ticket for each. This is what you should purchase for the themes upper limb, lower limb and brain, spine and back. 



1)  All PRISM Programmes have now concluded - these were only available for the 3 themes: head and neck, thorax and abdomen and pelvis and perineum. 

2) Dates for the other 3 themes are to be confirmed (upper limb, lower limb, brain, spine and back) 

3) Attendees of the new themes (upper limb, lower limb, brain, spine and back) should purchase the individual CAT ticket for each session they attend (£5 each) 


Please DM us on our instagram  (@blplasticsurgerysoc) or send us an email ( for any queries 



Buy Tickets


£15.00 (Head & Neck + CAT)
£15.00 (Thorax & Abdomen+CAT)
£15.00 (Pelvis&Perineum+CAT)
£5.00 (Individual CAT)

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The CRAM-MRCS (Comprehensive Review of Anatomy Modules for MRCS) course is an intensive and high-yield anatomy teaching series aimed doctors preparing for the MRCS exam.
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