This Girl Can: Inspirational Women in Sport Talk

Thursday 26 November 2020, 7pm - 8:30pm

MS Teams
About this event

As part of our This Girl Can week we will be hosting an online talk with 5 speakers to talk about their journey and experiences as women in sport. The purpose of this talk is to highlight the different opportunities, struggles and triumphs that women can face, tackle and achieve throughout their involvement in sport. We want to inspire and empower other women to take action, to get involved and to flourish in the modern sporting landscape and we look forward to welcoming you all to join us as we hear our speaker's stories.

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Our speakers
Gemma Grainger

As the current England Women Youth Head Coach who has gained her FA Pro License Gemma will speaking about the barriers women face engaging in sport as well as the career but also physical and mental health benefits sport has given her.

Vanessa Wallace

As a British Paralympic athlete Vanessa competes in shot put and javelin events and has won gold and bronze medals at World and European Championships. Vanessa will be covering the visibility of parasports, addressing race and disability in sport and the power of saying "yes"

Hannah Beecham

As the founder of RED January and a strong advocate for the benefits of exercise for mental health Hannah will be speaking about her journey in sport creating such a wide reaching impactful initiative and using sport as a driver for social change.

Emily Goodchild

Winning multiple titles for fencing nationally and internationally ranked as 7th in GB, Emily is training for the olympic qualifiers whilst also working as a doctor and studying for her PhD at Queen Mary. She will be speaking to us about coming to sport as an adult, and the impact of ageism in elite sport.

Hannah Gaffey

During her time at Queen Mary Hannah raised thousands for charities whilst also studying and being part of a sports club. She will be highlighting the skills she gained from her charity work but also the importance of female empowerment in sport and what being part of a sporting community at university meant to her.

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