Commercial Awareness Workshop Session 1

Monday 18 October 2021, 6pm - 7:30pm

About this event

This is the FIRST SESSION of ELSA QMUL's Commercial Awareness Workshop.

Denis is an experienced lawyer who has worked for many commercial law firms all over the globe. Here is the link to his website and company: Our Founder | Future City Lawyers. Learn about the importance of commercial awareness and gain hands-on experience through case studies. This event is going to be hosted online via Zoom and held by Future City Lawyers. 

We collaborate with other local ELSA groups for this event: ELSA King's College London, ELSA University of Westminster and ELSA University of Bristol. 

How will you benefit?

You will be able to network and connect with other students from UK's top universities through small group case studies in zoom breakout rooms. If you are a member of the European Law Students' Association (ELSA) here at Queen Mary, you are automatically connected with other ELSA groups. We all belong to a big network so let's take advantage of that!

When? The First Session is on October 18, 6 pm AND the Second Session is on October 29, 6 pm.
Where? Via Zoom, the link will be sent via email.
For who? All ELSA QMUL members
Purchase your ELSA QMUL membership here: European Law Students' Association (ELSA) (

This event is a workshop consisting of two sessions. You can attend one session or both BUT note:
If you complete both sessions, you will receive an exclusive certificate signed by ELSA QMUL and FCL. You can publish this certificate on LinkedIn or add it to your CV to increase your employability.

When you apply for internships, this is a workshop that will be of massive help as many employers require their interns to be 'commercially aware' of what is going on in the legal industry. So this is YOUR CHANCE!

SIGN UP FOR THE EVENT HERE:  ELSA x FCL Commercial Awareness Workshops ( 

and as our VP Seminars & Conferences said: 'If you do not sign up then what r u doing?' ;)

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