BL Alpine: Halloween Trip to the Lake District

Friday 28 October 2022, 5pm - 10pm

Glenridding, Lake District
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We'll be hiking and climbing in the Lake District - all experience, fitness, ability, preference to hiking or climbing welcome! Helvellyn is one of the highest peaks in England and has fabulous views from the top as well as being home to the thirlling Striding Edge - a well loved grade 1 scramble. As always, we'll be staying in a bunkhouse and price includes accomodation, food and travel. You will need hiking boots and a sleeping bag so please let us know if that's a problem. It's Halloween weekend so we'll be amazing some spooky themed games such as doughnut bobbing. Hope to see you there!

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Two people walk up towards Helvellyn, a mountain in the Lake District. BL Alpine: Halloween Trip to the Lake District
28th October 5pm - 30th October 10pm
Glenridding, Lake District
For our Halloween Trip, we'll be heading the Glenridding, Lake District, for some wonderful hiking, climbing and scrambing!
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