"What is Fashion Really?", a talk by Anna-Mari Almila

Wednesday 27 February 2019 7pm - 9pm

Matt Spencer Boardroom

"What is Fashion Really?", a talk by Anna-Mari Almila

Anna-Mari Almila is an author and lecturer at University of Arts London. She holds BA and MA degrees in Art and Design, with the major subject of Clothing, from University of Lapland, and PhD in Sociology from University of Aberdeen. Her research specialises in the cultural sociology of fashion and encompasses a variety of topics including history of the construction of Fashion Studies and global Islamic fashion.

Dr Almila's research is heavily influenced by her background as a practitioner of clothing and fashion design. She desires to balance the empirical with the theoretical in her work, as she believes that both should be informed by the other.

Queen Mary Fashion Society are fortunate enough to have Dr Almila come in to discuss "What is Fashion really?". She will providing listeners with a deeper understanding of fashion from a sociological point of view, making people view fashion from a different perspective.

The talk will be followed by networking at the end, so that both members and other students can begin to discuss what they believe fashion to be, as well as getting to meet new people.