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Strasbourg: ELSA QM Trip

Sunday 22 February 2015, midnight - midnight

About this event

Fly away from university life for an exciting weekend with us in eastern France, whilst finding the perfect balance between fun, discovery and cultural enrichment.

While strolling in the streets of the beautiful French city, situated in the picturesque Alsace, you will be able to get a quick but tasty bite of the cultural environment and also visit some of the most important legal institutions.


We will visit the Council of Europe and the European Parliament, where we will see how these institutions run and how they work on a day-to-day basis. This kind of practical insight is one that we assure you your EU Law book will not offer!

We will also have the chance to meet with the fellow Strasbourg-based ELSAnians and socialise with our very own team representing ELSA QM at the final stages of the Human Rights Moot Court Competitions.

Expand your horizons with us this reading week!

DATES: 22nd- 25th February
TRANSPORT: London to Strasbourg by PLANE – Return by TRAIN.
APPROXIMATE COST: £230* (includes three nights in a hotel, transport to and from London, Strasbourg Travelcard and entrance to the Council of Europe and European Parliament)*

*The price above mentioned is only indicative and includes cost fluctuations.
*Tickets will sell quickly, therefore we invite anyone who is interested to join this Facebook Event for communication purposes, as we will post all the purchase details as soon as they are available.

*This event is only available for ELSA members, membership can be bought at the SU Hub or here (by clicking on "add to basket" under "Join" on the right side column)

****By buying the ticket, you are entring into a contractual obligation with ELSA QM. THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS WHICH APPLY TO THIS TRIP CAN BE FOUND HERE: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PXSoXVLBHAK4o2_s7y-oXc_JYoCnUIEh6nWGpFNw8To/edit?pli=1

* Under the T&C of the contract , applicable after the purchase of the ticket, you are required to fill in all the fields in the Participation Form and return it back to: elsaqmul@gmail.com no later than 2 days after the date of the purchase. THE PARTICIPATION FORM CAN BE FOUND HERE:





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