Volunteer Agreement

Please read the Volunteer Agreement below.


Students who volunteer to lead student activities or fulfil a representative role within the Students' Union are key in shaping the experience of all students during their time at University. The below agreement is not intended as a legally binding contract but to set out what these volunteers can expect from their Students' Union and in return how they are expected to act.


Volunteers have a right to:

  • be treated with respect
  • never be discriminated
  • know who is responsible for their support
  • fulfil their role in a safe environment
  • regular contact with relevant staff members
  • never be used to replace the work of paid staff
  • receive and request an induction and ongoing training
  • be trusted with confidential information if it is relevant to their position
  • be informed about what is going on in the organisation

Volunteers are expected to:

  • treat others with respect
  • represent the Students' Union and the University in a professional manner
  • perform their role to the best of their ability
  • undertake the activities outlined in their role description
  • follow all the Students' Union’s rules, policies and procedures
  • respond to emails within a reasonable timeframe
  • attend training offered for their role
  • request any support materials within a reasonable time
  • maintain confidentiality at all times
  • provide the Students' Union with feedback when requested

The Students' Union are expected to:

  • provide insurance for activities as long as correct policy and procedures have been followed
  • treat volunteers with respect
  • support volunteers in conducting risk assessments
  • provide training, support and resources when requested within a reasonable timeframe
  • deliver any materials or support on time, as agreed with volunteers
  • investigate complaints as soon as practically possible, keeping volunteers informed
  • recognise volunteers for their work and commitment


Volunteer Agreement

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