What Can You Do?

Recycle through the Credit Crunch

Here's some tips for saving time and money by recycling and reusing common household products.

Check out the Cash for Cans scheme, where you can get money back for recycling your old used cans.

Sell your old mobile phone to be recycled at envirofone, in some instances you can also sell your mobile back to your phone provider or use it to upgrade your phone saving you the upgrade fee. Alternatively recycle it in the Students’ Union Blomeley Centre.


You can have your ink cartridges refilled at many companies these days, such as Cartridge World, which is cheaper than purchasing ink. Alternatively you can sell your empty cartridges to Cash for Cartridges or you can recycle it in the Students’ Union Blomeley Centre.


Buy concentrated products, this reduces the packaging and also works out slightly cheaper. Save money when going shopping by taking your own reusable bag with you instead of purchasing a plastic bag that you will later need to dispose of.


You can purchase long life bags in our students’ union shops, alternatively these can be purchased from; Onya, CrazyBags, EcoBags and many more places!


Ride a bike or walk for short journeys that you would usually use your car or bus for, this saves the petrol money, helps the environment and reduces your carbon footprint.


To work out your carbon foot print click here Put a smile on someone else's face by selling and recycling your old cd's at Music Magpie, or sell your books via Green Metropolis. You can also donate your books into the union for our Read Book Project.


Throw a clothes swapping party with your friends, a great social occasion where you can exchange clothes at no cost, creating yourself a whole new funky wardrobe - ingenious!


Reuse teabags more than once then put them on your compost heap, this saves money, creates no waste and helps your garden grow.


Take your clothes to Oxfam, ensuring you have at least 1 M&S item and you will receive a £5 voucher for M&S if you spend over £35.


Bank online with online statements. Not only does it make filing easier for you by cutting clutter but it has added security as fraudsters like paper statements.


There are many organisations where you can donate used stamps to including; Oxfam, Help the Aged and Guide Dogs for the Blind. We collect them at the Union so bring them down.

What Does the Union Do?

View the Unions Environmental Statement

View the Unions Environmental Communications Strategy

Costa Coffee in the Ground Coffee shop is Fairtrade.

Ensures that environmental considerations are referenced in staff job descriptions.

Keeps record of the number of staff photocopies made with the intention of trying to reduce over use and wastage.

Disposes of hazardous wastes correctly including catering oils and batteries.

All waste bar glass is recycled.

The temperature set points of all fridges and freezers within the Union are checked regularly to ensure that they are at energy-efficient temperatures.

The paperwork for the majority of Union Meetings are circulated by email rather than as hard copies.

Actively supports the annual fairtrade fortnights.

The Union's constitution includes the position of a non-sabbatical officer whose role is dedicated to environmental and/or ethical issues.

The Union asks customers to pay for plastic bags to reduse waste and encourage reusable bags.

There are waste paper collection boxes in the all union offices.

All union paper is 100% recycled.

The union does not own any patio heaters.

The Village Shop sell free range eggs in the union outlets.

Electric hand dryers unstead of paper towels in the majority of our washrooms.

The Union has no more than one laser printer per seven workstations. The majority of office staff can print to a central photocopier and/or a shared duplex printer.

The Union has energy-awareness stickers, notices or posters in place encouraging staff to switch off lights.

What Are the University's Goals?

Over the next 12-18 months the University's Key projects are: (posted March 3, 2011)


Carbon Reduction Commitment

Fairtrade accreditation

External funding and project management - at present funding provided by SALIX and HEFCE for energy conservation projects.

Monitor consumption of electricity, gas and water - currently in the process of commissioning a new software tool to do this.

Re-establish the Environmental Policy & Sustainability Project Working Group.

Manage the roll-out of the Carbon Management Plan and Implementation Plan.

People & Planet - Green League survey.

Develop a Sustainability Framework for the College.

Promotion of activities - create/update the internet and intranet pages.

Review waste management across the College.

Manage the Green Improvement Fund.

Develop an energy (extending to sustainability in the longer term) policy for new and existing assets.