Pan-African Society




Greetings from the Queen Mary Pan-African Society! 


As a society for Pan-Africans and lovers of Black History, we are here to bring together people who are both passionate about Pan-Africanism and dedicated towards issues important to Africa and the African Diaspora.

Our society aims to:

  • Provide an opportunity for students to meet others with an interest in Pan-Africanism and gain a better understanding of Pan-Africanism.
  • Educate and encourage critical thinking and discussion surrounding Africa, the diaspora and its cultural and historical place in the world.
  • To be proactive in our conduct as we campaign and strive for the same cause.
  • To facilitate networking and the exchange of knowledge between members.  


We hold frequent meetings, organise film screenings, debates, quizzes and lectures by guest speakers enthuasiastic about Pan-Africanism.




Your General Committee:

  • President: Christine Chikura
  • Vice President: Rudo Makoni
  • Vice President: Alison 
  • Treasurer: Kharesa-Kesa Spencer 
  • Secretary: Kelly Ochonogor
  • Events Officer: Olamatu Jabbie 
  • Events Officer: Hannah Olukoga
  • Social Media Officer: Oseta Agboaye 

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We hope to see you soon :) 

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