Hungarian Society



Queen Mary Hungarian Society

is a recently restarted student-led organisation aiming to connect current and alumni Hungarian students while embracing and preserving Hungarian cultural heritage.


We wish to rejuvenate the Hungarian community of the University and rebuild a society adept to welcome and aid incoming Hungarian students. Apart from supporting the members of our community we wish to celebrate our colourful history and culture

We welcome students of all nationalities and identities who wish to learn about Hungary and Hungarian culture. Social gatherings, speaker events, and traditional culinary events are to be expected.

Apart from forming a community where one might feel at home away from home, we wish to entertain with interesting zeitgeist arts events and culinary experiences reminiscent of our country.

Our team:

President: Zsofia S. Dara

Treasury: Julie Hargitai

Senior Advisor: Patrick Miklos Szell

Welfare Officer: Judit Kovacs

No elections are currently running

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