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Welcome to BL Art & Photography Society!
We are delighted to be able to offer art and photography as a society here at Barts and The London. We are a friendly society that welcomes people of all abilities so check out our events if you want to brush up on your skills! 
We have more events planned this coming academic year ranging from anatomical art, drawing workshops, photography classes, sculpture sessions, visits to art galleries and more! Medicine can be an intense rollercoaster journey and art can offer a great escape for those needing a break or to release that creative side in you!
Committee 20/21:

President - Melisa Cetin
Treasurer - Pallave Sivapalasinkam
Events manager - Eve Hardwick 
Photography Representative - Shanel Ozkan

Shortlisted for Society Awards 2019: Best Collaboration of the Year.


No elections are currently running

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