Alternative Music Society


QMUL's Community for lovers of Alternative Music of any kind

President: James Satchwell

Treasurer: Izzy Grime


If you play an instrument or not, are an avid gig-goer or a casual listener and want to find others that share your tastes, there is a place at the Alternative Music Society for you! Our aims are to create a community at Queen Mary where members can find bandmates and friends to hang around with in and out of our meetings.

If you are looking for a society with people that want to share and explore their interest in indie, metal, punk, hip-hop and other musical styles then you'll feel at home. We want to encourage the members of the Alt Music Society, which started as a primarily Indie group to be a place to explore everything that falls under the 'alternative' label. 

We wish to host regular gigs as soon as possible allowing us to showcase the talent and enthusiasm of musicians at QMUL and in the East End, and making them an enjoyable experience for those who simply want to listen and hang out with their friends. If you have ideas for events throughout the year, dont't be afraid to share them! We want to collaborate and encourage our members to be creative with events and to reach out to other societies to host joint nights. 

As right now hosting gigs will not currently be possible due to Covid-19, we want to host online introductory meetings, jam sessions and distanced pub crawls for everyone to get to know each other and add new committee members to our team. 

Please if you're interested, become a member and join our WhatsApp Group and Discord Server!



A collection of Images from our last event before lockdown, Glastonmary 2020

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