Chemical Engineering Society


Chemical Engineering Society


The QMUL Chemical Engineering Society is a student-run society offering a wide range of events that not only facilitate career development of its members by providing insight into the industry, but also offers the chance to meet and socialise with not only other people on the course but from other engineering disciplines too.

Integration between various cohorts of chemical engineering students is also the primary objective of the society, and so we aim to achieve this by organising social events with an emphasis on inclusiveness. Events will be announced during the academic year and details will be posted on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 



Committee Members:

President: Salma El Ouakhchachi

Vice-President: Tanvi Shah

Treasurer: Syed Shah 

Secretary: Ibrahim Dirie

Events Manager: Uthayaraj Priveenraj

Marketing Officer: Veron Sundaram 


No elections are currently running

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