Chemical Engineering Society


The Chemical Engineering Society. 

The QMUL Chemical Engineering Society is a student-run society for students with an academic background or an interest in Chemical Engineering. 

Being a part of this society offers an array of benefits including, but not limited to networking, academic help and career insights. 

Engineering is a very demanding discipline and can at times be very stressful. We believe mental health is an important factor to ensure success. For that reason, the Chemical Engineering Society has put in place a stress support scheme for those of you who feel overwhelmed by the recent events. 

In the same vein, and with online learning posing a challenge, we have created a Notes Bank for all years. It is accessible by all members of the Chemical Engineering Society. 

Feel free to get in touch with us via email or Instagram. 


Instagram: @thechemengsoc 


Committee Members: 

President: Salma El Ouakhchachi 

Vice-President: Tanvi Shah 

Treasurer: Syed Shah  

Secretary: Ibrahim Dirie 

Events Manager: Uthayaraj Priveenraj 

Marketing Officer: Veron Sundaram 


No elections are currently running

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