Sick and tired of reading the same thing in the news? Feeling misrepresented in current day media? Wish to speak out about an issue?

We introduce to you, Queen Mary’s media outlet that focuses solely on global politics and international news. Run by the students, for the students, our brand-new magazine looks to re-shape the future of student involvement in politics at QMUL.

ROYA magazine gives a platform to raise voices on current affairs occurring in all parts of the world, so that it truly reflects the diversity of views and experiences within the QMUL community. This includes matters in not only Europe or North America, but Africa, Middle East, South Asia, and Latin America also. We also provide a segment dedicated to students who wish to discuss issues in a foreign language, whether it be written in Mandarin, Greek or Arabic text.

Our goal is to create a space for people to express themselves freely, both on paper and in real life. You have the opportunity to really make an impact, not only on the development of the magazine, but also in spreading political awareness to the university students. This involves organising events where engaging discussions and debates about various issues can take place, such as ethnic discrimination and government corruption. We hope to give an insight into matters and exchange different points of views.

We are a brand-new magazine, looking for students with a lot to say. We offer a unique opportunity to get involved with an upcoming publication, producing professional and high-quality content each semester. There are opportunities not only for writers and reporters, but also for photographers, copy-editors, designers, and business-minded students wanting to help with the paper's advertising deals and marketing.

Experience at ROYA Magazine will also look impressive on any CV, regardless of the industry you are planning to enter.

We are looking for students who have ideas which can expand and innovate our new magazine.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and join us!


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