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The Gozo Society is a student-led organisation that is here to represent you and provide you with support and opportunities throughout your time at Barts and the London, Malta.


The Gozo Society is run by students who are voted into positions every year in elections. It is led by the Student President, who is supported in their role by the other members of the Gozo Society committee.  As a committee we meet every month as well as communicate with Barts and The London Students’ Association discussing with them issues facing all students and how we can further improve our student experience. 


Over the past three years, we have organised a multitude of events such as film nights, games nights, group meals, drinks and karaoke nights. We know how hectic medical school can be and so we've also incorporated some stress relief when you need it most through our pre/post ICA exam destressor events. 

This year, Gozo Society has been succesfully running its ever growing range of student led sports and activities:  

Sports: Football, Basketball, Touch rugby, Netball, Jogging, Kickboxing, Tennis, Cricket, Volleyball, Zumba, badminton, 
Activities: Debating, Reading, Poker, Choir, ACS (Afro Carribean Society), Christian Union, Isco, Malta Muslim medics, Asian society, Foodie society, Psychiatry Society etc 

On top of this, we also support you in your studies throughout the year via regular GozoMESS revision sessions, talks from external speakers and more. 

** There are two flagship events of the year; Christmas dinner & End of year boat party. They are our yearly traditions and were a huge success last year so keep an eye out for tickets!


Ensure you follow us on social media and pay subs to access all of our news and have priority / discounted prices at our events.


Gozo Society Committee 2020/21

President: Gautam Datta 
Vice President: Ching-Tung Hsu (Yvonne)
Treasurer: Pearly Leow Zi May
Events Officer: Aba Acquah
Sports Officer: Tayab Hussain
International Officer: Upeshala Jayawardena
Welfare Officer: Hyacyntha Celine Hazna Imelda (Celine)

If you want to keep in touch, talk to us in person or follow us on Instagram, and our Facebook page, or send us an email (individual committee members emails are linked above) 

No elections are currently running

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