Unity Society

This is the page for Queen Mary's Unity Society. We are a group of students committed to improving the mental wellness of students at QM and pushing for change in the country. We work in conjunction with the mental health not-for-profit, Unity.

We have got so much planned for the year, from, mental health forums/debates and conversation cafes, to yoga sessions and open mic nights!

The aims of our society are:

  • To challenge the way society views mental health starting with the leaders of the future.
  • To facilitate vast improvements in the access to care for people with mental disorders fuelled by the fresh knowledge base of current students.
  • To train student volunteers in mental health first aid as a form of self-help and to help and assist others when in need.
  • To promote fresh thinking and new ideas in tackling the social and economic problems (Eg. Unemployment, homelessness & environmental factors) which stem from mental health. 

Meet the team:

  • President: Gina Gambetta
  • Vice-President: Uthman Isahaq
  • Treasurer: Josh Brown
  • Publicity Officer: Hussain ul-haq
  • Events Officer: Kim Yudeolowitz
  • Societies/Sports Liaison Officer: Hope Silver
  • Disclosure Officer: Jacob Silver
  • Disclosure Officer: Sammie Cunningham 


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