Sustain@BL aims to increase awareness of local and global environmental issues to promote a culture of sustainability at Barts and The London, empowering students to make sustainable lifestyle choices

We aim to raise awareness of environmental issues, educate students and staff on how to make more sustainable choices and integrate more into the local community to create long-lasting positive relationships between Barts and The London and our surroundings. 

We welcome students from all degree courses, year groups, postgraduates and undergraduates alike. Barts and The London is a uniquely diverse population and we want our society to reflect that! Come along to join other like minded students in sharing ideas, innovations and improvements. We are passionate about creating change at an individual and university wide level to promote a more sustainable future for everyone - so come and get involved!


2021-22 Committee:

President: Amelia Jones

Treasurer: Pran Mahendran 

Secretary: Rosa Hughes

Social Media Manager: Elicia Cherry

Events Coordinator: Adam Mitchell

Pre-clinical Rep: Alfie Ellis

Sustain@BL Society Elections 2022

Society Election for committee positions 2022-23: President Treasurer Secretary Events Coordinator Media Manager Pre-Clinical Rep All members who are students at QMUL in the academic year 2021-2022, and paid members of the society are eligible to stand and vote. All vacant positions must have candidates standing and votes cast to remain open. If you would like to know more information about a particular committee role, please contact this year's current committee.

6 posts are up for election.

The polls have closed.

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