The Feminist Society


Hi! We're the feminist society. As intersectional feminists, we are striving towards the political, social and economic equality for womxn. We think it’s very important to consider all the different aspects of discrimination based on your identity. 

We host a wide variety of events, including debates and conversations, movie nights, book clubs, pub quizzes, socials and we organize volunteering opportunities in Tower Hamlets! In 2018 we attended a variety of protests held in central London, including the women's march, the sex workers strike and a pro-choice counter-protest! We even have a weekly radio show called power radio!

In 2020, and 2021 we held online events ranging from education events, to socials to discussion sessions on important issues. 

The feminist society aims to: 

1. Educate the public about social inequality in the United Kingdom and globally through local outreach.

2. Promote equality for all people through political activism in our local community. 

3. Create a safer environment on campus and in societies for minorities by implementing social change. 

We want to equalise, educate, and ensure equitable rights for those studying at the university and the local community.


This is a picture of the feminist society committee during one of our "bloody good pub quizzes" where we raise money against period poverty. 


Our events will be online for the first semester. There may be a chance for a socially distanced outdoor event if government advice changes! This will be a challenging year for societies but we are confident that we can organise better than ever ????????????

We have a online freshers stall event via Microsoft Teams taking place on Thursday the 17th and Friday the 19th of September. Here is the link , make sure to be logged into Teams! This is a chance to meet with out committee members to talk about the next year. More information is available via our public instagram!




Our first social event this year in on the 5th October! Check our Instagram for the link via zoom! 

No elections are currently running

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