QM Citizens Society


QM Citizens aims to empower, mobilise and inspire the student body of QMUL. We are a society that creates a platform for students to explore the issues that are important to them and contribute to change. We believe each student is a change maker of today and leader of the future.

We are proudly affiliated with Citizens UK who are an experienced organisation having with over 30 years working in community leadership and campaigning. Working closely with Citizens UK, we aim to empower the individual and the student body.

The society will be a platform to discuss the concerns of the local community, issues such as homelessness, refugee crisis etc. We will be facilitating the development of leaders through experienced skill building workshops and leadership programmes we will support in building successful campaigns that our members are passionate about. Our workshops and leadership programmes emphasising the importance of effective campaigning, debating/negotiating, community organising and critical thinking.

We listen to our members, asking them about their concerns and developing strategies to improve our communities. We ensure that civil society is at the negotiating table alongside the market and state, so that our communities are included in the decisions that affect them.


Our aims include:

  • To provide leadership & developmental opportunities through workshops to all students at Queen Mary
  • To facilitate a platform for students to share their ideas and concerns.
  • Provide resources to help manifest ideas and develop effective campaigns addressing concerns



  • President: Shahjahan Ahmed
  • Vice President: Uthman Isahaaq
  • Treasurer: Fahmida Hussain 
  • Marketing and Communications Officer: Syed Mowla 
  • Volunteering Officer: Fatmata Bah
No elections are currently running

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