Kho Kho



On your marks, get set, KHO! 

The Game of Chase

Kho Kho is a popular traditional Indian tag sport which requires speed, agility, teamwork and strategy. It is ideal for those looking to compete in tournaments or those who want a social environment to make new friends. 

We welcome all girls and boys, whether you’re an experienced player who has been playing for years or have never heard or played before, and wants to try something new, we promise to keep your heart pumping!


Keep an eye on this page as we stay up to date with the government guidelines and bring you some training sessions very soon!


We look forward to competing in competitions and tournaments as soon as we are given the green light from the government and governing bodies!


Membership is ONLY £5 and all the training sessions are FREE!!! 

How to get Involved

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  3. Drop us a message or email us 

Contact Details

President: Kartikeya Pathak (07466618161)
Vice President: Akhil Bhargava (07756077197)
Treasurer: Yesha Bharodia (+91 94087 46561)
Social: Ayush Chowdhury (07775072124)
Welfare Officer: Dhruv Soni (07521614248)



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