Welcome to the Art Business Society!

The QM Art Business Society is a space for students with similar interests in the arts, law, finance, or the art market in general. If you wish to pursue a career as a fine artist, an arts lawyer, an art dealer, an appraiser, a gallery curator, work in the media, etc., this is a space for you. Naturally, we also welcome those who do not want to link their future professional lives with the Art Business and wish to join the society out of a pure passion for the subject. 

Our wish is to demystify the art market by examining concepts such as intellectual property, appraisals, NFTs, the black market, and cultural repatriation. Aside from educating on the Art Business, we want to build a community of students genuinely interested in the subject who will exchange thoughts and inspire one other to think about the art market in new ways.

Aims & Objectives

Achieve transparency of the Art Market and help the students at QMUL understand what the Art Market is and the mechanism behind it. We aim to achieve this through our events throughout this year.

All our relevant links can be found here: linktr.ee/artbusiness_qmul
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