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The Marketing & Communications Society aspires to bring together people who share a common passion and interest for creativity, marketing, and communications together.

The Marketing and Communications Society has a place for everyone - whether you're someone who is generally interested in this field, or someone who is keen to potentially pursue a career in this field, this is the right place for you!

The three main aims of our society are:

  1. To allow members to share their passion and interest of marketing with others
  2. To increase knowledge of the marketing field through guest speakers and skills-based activities
  3. To increase and facilitate networking opportunities within the field

Our society will provide you with a range of resources that will help you through university and beyond as you explore your career options. We will meet once a week, and our sessions will be diverse and enriching. Each week we will focus on something new that enhances your skills and knowledge. For instance, we will be going through a new skill each week – for instance graphic design, presentation skills, mock pitches, product design, logo design. In addition to this, twice a month, we will be analyzing case studies behind the most successful pitches in top-tier marketing companies to enhance our own abilities as we gain further knowledge on marketing strategies, what makes a successful case, understanding the use of different strategies in relation to different products and so on. We’re also very excited to tell you that we will be having networking events, to meet senior leaders in the industry and ask them questions. We will have a minimum of one  these each term, and this is a great opportunity to get a wider understanding of the field, and to make connections. As you all know, resume and cover letter writing is a very tedious task and as we all prepare to apply for internships and jobs, we want to provide a platform for all of you to lean back on and learn from. Twice a month, we will also be going through resume writing, cover letter writing, and interview practices, we will also have an expert session from a professional on this once a term at the minimum. Events wise, we will have interesting guest speakers share their experiences with us, and will also have an bi-annual marketing competition within the college at the end of each term. This will be where we split in to different groups, with each group pitching to an external panel of judges and the winning team being rewarded. This society will be a safe and dynamic space for you to learn from, grow in, and thrive in. We also have further leadership positions available, and we will be running elections in Week 3, so check this page for further updates!

President: Nishka Menon 

Vice President: Sadia Binte Rahman 

Media Manager: Valentina Caiza Salcedo 


No elections are currently running

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