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With the ongoing pandemic, interest in the pharmacology sector has spiked recently. We have recognised this interest and the lack of career support for students interested in the field, and believe this society is needed now more than ever. Queen Mary Pharmacology and Drug Discovery Society(PDDS) would serve to represent all students seeking a career in the pharmaceutical sector, regardless of subject. Throughout the year the society hopes to host a multitude of events and opportunities, such as company visits, CV workshops, and lecture-based events. We hope to act as an access point for students to gain exposure to a pharmaceutical career.

We hope to be able to publish our own pharmaceutical newsletter, which will be an opportunity for students to research on topics related to pharmacology which can then be used for their CVs. We also hope to hold social events throughout the year, such as dinners (if possible), networking and quizzes.


1. To represent all students seeking a career in the pharmaceutical sector by allowing students to gain exposure to all possible pharmaceutical careers.
2. To provide members with a head-start in their pharmaceutical careers by connecting them to companies, institutions and universities.
3. To encourage discussion and debate regarding recent pharmaceutical-related topics and discoveries.

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