A monthly journal club for discussing topics like meta-science, replication, scientific misconduct and more, with the goal of improving trustworthiness and transparency in research.

Welcome to Queen Mary ReproducibiliTea! We host various open science and reproducibility-related events and meetings with the goal of improving the trustworthiness of research across a wide range of scientific disciplines. Get started by emailing Nick ( to join the mailing list or stop by our monthly journal club, where we discuss one or more articles about topics ranging from meta-science to scientific fraud to philosophy of science over a (currently socially-distanced) cup of tea or coffee.

All are welcome: from those who have never heard of open science to experts, undergraduates to department heads, linguists to entomologists to computer scientists and beyond.


Meetings during the first term of 2020 are held on every 4th Thursday at 11:00 on Microsoft Teams.

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