Safeguarding People At Risk (SPAR)


Safeguarding People At Risk, or SPAR, is a society established with the purpose of making a difference by improving safeguarding systems. This is especially important to us as medical and dental students because we are passionate about maximising support from safeguarding systems, and it is our duty as aspiring healthcare professionals to ensure that we can contribute to a positive change. There are many injustices within safeguarding systems that currently render them incompetent and prevent them from reaching their full potential, and we would like to create opportunities to raise awareness of these issues and offer solutions. These opportunities would involve a range of events such as presentations, workshops, fundraisers, and more.  Our purpose is to research and raise awareness of problems within systems that support people at risk to improve and maximise support. 

3 main aims of society: 
1.    Identify, recognise, and raise awareness of deficiencies within systems that support people at risk.
2.    To organise events about topics related to safeguarding to allow members to share their passion, network, and learn.
3.    To give students the opportunity to instigate change and improve support for people at risk. 


Committee 2020/2021

  • President: Aryam Marafi
  • Vice President: Fatmah Alreqem
  • Treasurer: Abdullah Al-Shatti
  • Secretary: Reem Kermani
  • Co-Marketing Officers: Saneaah Khan and Arwa Alrumaih
  • Events Coordinator: Ayaa Alqallaf
  • Website Administrator: Omar Al-Gaith
  • Networking and Communications Officer: Yousef Alfadhli
  • Welfare Representative: Deemah Alzoabi




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